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Findingnemo((BETTER)) Fullmovieinhindi1080pvideo

Finding Nemo is a 2003 animated movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures. It tells the story of a clownfish named Marlin who goes on an epic journey to find his son Nemo, who was captured by a diver and taken to a dentist's office aquarium in Sydney. Along the way, he meets a forgetful blue tang fish named Dory, who helps him overcome his fears and find his son.


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The movie was directed by Andrew Stanton, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Bob Peterson and David Reynolds. The voice cast includes Albert Brooks as Marlin, Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, Alexander Gould as Nemo, Willem Dafoe as Gill, Brad Garrett as Bloat, Allison Janney as Peach, and Geoffrey Rush as Nigel.

Finding Nemo was a critical and commercial success, winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and becoming the highest-grossing animated film at the time. It is widely regarded as one of the best animated films of all time and one of Pixar's finest works. It also spawned a sequel, Finding Dory, in 2016.

If you want to watch Finding Nemo in Hindi, you have several options. You can watch it on Disney+ Hotstar[^1^], where it is available with Hindi audio and subtitles. You can also watch it on YouTube[^2^], where you can buy or rent it with Hindi audio and subtitles. Alternatively, you can watch it on TamilMV[^3^], where you can stream it for free with Hindi audio.

Whichever option you choose, you are sure to enjoy this heartwarming and hilarious adventure of a father and son in the ocean.

  • Marlin: He is a clownfish and Nemo's father. He is overprotective and anxious, but also brave and determined. He is voiced by Albert Brooks[^1^].

  • Dory: She is a blue tang fish and Marlin's companion. She suffers from short-term memory loss, but is optimistic and helpful. She is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres[^1^].

  • Nemo: He is a clownfish and Marlin's son. He is adventurous and curious, but also has a deformed fin. He is voiced by Alexander Gould[^1^].

  • Gill: He is a Moorish idol and the leader of the Tank Gang. He has a scarred face and a damaged fin. He is voiced by Willem Dafoe[^1^].

  • Bruce: He is a great white shark and the leader of the Fish-Friendly Sharks. He tries to be vegetarian, but sometimes loses control. He is voiced by Barry Humphries[^1^].

  • Crush: He is a green sea turtle and a surfer dude. He helps Marlin and Dory ride the East Australian Current. He is voiced by Andrew Stanton[^1^].

  • Nigel: He is a brown pelican and a friend of the Tank Gang. He helps Marlin and Dory find Nemo. He is voiced by Geoffrey Rush[^1^].

These are just some of the many characters that make Finding Nemo such a fun and engaging movie. You can learn more about them and their backgrounds by watching the movie or reading the Pixar Wiki[^2^] or the Disney Wiki[^3^].

The movie begins with a tragic scene, where Marlin's wife Coral and most of their eggs are killed by a barracuda attack. Only one egg survives, which Marlin names Nemo. Marlin becomes overprotective of Nemo, who grows up with a smaller right fin due to the attack. On Nemo's first day of school, Marlin embarrasses him by following him and warning him about the dangers of the ocean. Nemo rebels by swimming near a boat, where he is captured by a scuba diver. Marlin chases after the boat, but loses sight of it.

Marlin meets Dory, a friendly but forgetful blue tang fish, who claims to have seen the boat. She agrees to help Marlin find Nemo. They encounter three sharks who are trying to abstain from eating fish, but one of them, Bruce, goes into a feeding frenzy when he smells Dory's blood. Marlin and Dory escape by setting off an old minefield, but Dory suffers a nosebleed that attracts a swarm of jellyfish. Marlin swims through the jellyfish and carries an unconscious Dory to safety. He wakes up to find himself on the back of a sea turtle named Crush, who is riding the East Australian Current with his son Squirt and other turtles.

Meanwhile, Nemo is taken to a dentist's office in Sydney, where he meets the Tank Gang, a group of fish who live in an aquarium. The leader of the gang is Gill, a scarred Moorish idol who has a plan to escape the tank and return to the ocean. He tells Nemo that the only way out is through a filter intake valve that Nemo can jam with a pebble due to his small size. Nemo attempts this, but fails at his first try. He learns that the dentist plans to give him to his niece Darla, who is notorious for killing fish by shaking their bags.

Marlin and Dory receive directions to Sydney from a school of moonfish. They encounter a blue whale who swallows them, but later expels them through his blowhole. They meet Nigel, a pelican who knows Nemo from the dentist's office. Nigel takes them to the office and tells Nemo that his father is looking for him. Nemo tries again to jam the filter, this time succeeding and causing the tank to get dirty.

The dentist notices the dirty tank and installs a new high-tech filter before he can give Nemo to Darla. The Tank Gang tries to escape by rolling out of the window in plastic bags filled with water, but they end up stuck on a tree branch. Nemo plays dead to avoid being given to Darla, but the dentist throws him in the trash can. Nigel arrives with Marlin and Dory and sees Nemo being dumped into a garbage truck.

Marlin believes that Nemo is dead and sadly leaves with Dory. However, Nemo survives and escapes into a storm drain that leads to the harbor. He finds Dory and tells her that he is looking for his father. Dory's memory is restored when she sees Marlin's name written on her tag. She reunites Nemo with Marlin, but she gets caught in a fishing net with a school of grouper.

Nemo enters the net and tells the group to swim down together to break it. Marlin reluctantly lets Nemo do this, trusting him for the first time. The plan works and the fish escape from the net. Marlin and Nemo reconcile and hug each other.

Marlin and Nemo return home with Dory as their new friend. They watch as Nemo leaves for school with his classmates and teacher Mr. Ray. Marlin is no longer overprotective or fearful, but proud and supportive of his son. c481cea774


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