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Throughout this episode, two stories are carefully interwoven. Onenarrative strand follows Tracee, a dancer at the Bada Bing! club, as sheattempts to create a traditional family dynamic in her life. In theopening scene she approaches Tony with a gift of homemade date-nutbread, and later she entertains hyperreal fantasies of a future homelife with Ralphie, the volatile gladiator-wannabe whose baby she iscarrying. Her fantasies measure the extreme distortions produced byimmersion in the ideology of family values, as she imagines their lifeas suburban, normal, loving, tidily poised at the end curve of a NewJersey cul-de-sac. Her actual experiences of the nuclear familyas a violent space (her mother burned her hand on the stove when she wasa child, and she repeats the act by burning her infant son withcigarettes) are erased by this media-driven nostalgia for home. Thesecond narrative strand follows Meadow, Tony's daughter, as shenegotiates her first year at college. Meadow is sorting through romanticmythologies and imperfect relationship realities as she pursues sexualpleasure while trying to gauge her boyfriend's commitment andtrustworthiness. Her loss of virginity works as a counterplot toTracee's quest for domesticity. The "good" daughter becomes sexualized,as the "bad" stripper seeks the legitimacy of love, marriage, and babycarriage.

This parallel is deliberately crafted through twinned scenes andrhetorically pointed segues in which Meadow's body fades into Tracee's.In one scene Meadow and her mother, Carmela, have a conversation aboutMeadow's biracial boyfriend. Carmela asks her daughter if she is in lovewith Noah. Meadow responds, "At this point I'd better be." Carmela asks,"At what point?" Meadow demurs, "We are so not having thatconversation." In a previous scene we see Meadow under Noah as heunwraps a condom. Meadow is clearly referring to the birds-and-beesconversation that makes for such predictable humor in family television.In her most sardonic teenage knowingness, Meadow is not "going there"with Carmela, resisting the possibility of warm bonding, GilmoreGirls style. In the next scene, we see Tracee talking with Tony,reproducing the daughter/parent dyad of Meadow and Carmela, but insteadof taking place in the cozy bedroom of the family home, thisconversation happens outside the strip club, in the alienated space of agravel parking lot. Where the Meadow/Carmela scene subverts ourexpectations for closeness, the Tony/Tracee scene parodies them ingrotesque form. Tracee tells Tony she is pregnant, and that it isRalphie's baby. She is positioned in relation to Tony in this scene as adaughter figure, seeking advice and support, but as an unwed mother anda sex worker, she takes on the hybrid role of deviant daughter, doublingMeadow's newly deflowered status.

Police caught a suspect who fled the scene of a multiple stabbing at 1:51 am on Wednesday. Six primary school pupils and a parent were stabbed in Maoming, Guangdong province, on Tuesday. Most of the victims suffered head wounds, according to China News Service. The incident took place in the city's Yangjiao township, Maogang district, at about 5 pm when the suspect, surnamed Liao, used a knife to attack the pupils who were going home. Liao, 32, a Baiwu villager, is said to have a history of mental illness, police said.

The Jiaxing Intermediate People's Court in Zhejiang province on Wednesday began a retrial in a 1995 murder case, a development that might exonerate the five men who received heavy sentences for the crime 17 years ago. The defendant, Xiang Shengyuan was charged with intentional homicide after the police last year discovered that his fingerprints matched those collected in March 1995 at the homicide scene. Two taxi drivers were robbed and killed in the Xiaoshan district of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, on March 20 and Aug 12, 1995. Four men who were in their 20s received death sentences with a reprieve of two years, and another was given life imprisonment.


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